Healthy interpersonal habits adolescents learn from watching their parents

Rédigé le 31/01/2022
Joëlle Najm

Communication skills

  • Actively listening to each other
  • Taking into consideration each other’s point of views
  • Validating each other’s feelings

Affection & Empathy

  • Asking about each other’s days
  • Taking initiatives doing things to help one another
  • Physical display of affection: hugging and holding hands


  • Saying ‘’thank you’’ often
  • Acknowledging hard work
  • Expressing gratitude to one another

Conflict Resolution skills

  • Disagreeing respectfully with one another
  • Finding a solution that fits both needs
  • Being mindful to not hurt each other’s feelings in the process

Support & Availability

  • Checking in with each other about happy or difficult days
  • Acknowledging their need for help
  • Being present during difficult times

Individuality & Boundaries

  • Encouraging the other person to grow on a personal level
  • Respecting each other’s need to have time for themselves
  • Respecting each other’s boundaries